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Imagine waking up in the morning and not needing 7 moisturizers, serums, or even any makeup.


Based in Brooklyn, New York, Skin Undressed is the brand that promises to change the way you perceive skincare. We believe that the best foundation you can wear is glowing and healthy skin. 

Nowadays, social media dictates how our skin must look, presenting us with ads and photoshopped images of models with the perfect skin. This encourages an unrealistic idea and a desire to achieve the unattainable. Our aim at Skin, Undressed is to present you with an alternative way to reconnect with yourself and the way you look. We need to strive to achieve healthy skin, rather than a flawlessly altered one. 


At Skin, Undressed, we work in harmony with nature. Our team strives to develop and deliver products that benefit, protect, and nourish your skin in a way that only nature can provide. Our innovative product development process embodies a more wholesome approach to skincare. By doing so, each one of our products harnesses the full power of the plants rather than just essential oils. With only a few drops, you can achieve that bright, healthy, and supple skin that you have always desired.

We are fortunate enough to have the opportunity to work with local organic herb farms in the northeast area and deliver to you the freshest and most vibrant organic plants for our oils. We take pride in our process and our ability to utilize the various parts of the plant and embrace the full power of nature. 

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Our products are:


cruelty free



synthetiC fragrance free

For thousands of years, our ancestors used herbs and plants to treat their skin. Our team at Skin, Undressed made it easy. Specific organic herbs were carefully chosen for each formula and infused with compatible oils to achieve fast and desirable results. These unique formulas combine the ancient knowledge of herbalism with modern technology. With years of experience in herbalism and performing extensive tryouts, we created herbal oils that deliver the nourishment your skin craves.


A Modern take on

the original medicine

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how to use our oils

Use our oils as an addition to your skincare routine or by itself daily to achieve that bright, healthy-looking, more supple, and soft skin you have always desired. When using as part of your skincare regimen, apply the oil on top of a moisturizer. By doing so, the oil performs as a barrier and locks the moisture inside leading to long-lasting hydration. When using the oil on its own, massage a few drops between your hands and press against moist skin.

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